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Check Your NBEX Gold Rush Number

We're making it easier to manage your Gold Rush payments by providing access to our database of paid Gold Rush numbers!


To search your number on the database

  • Click the highlighted link below.

  • Then press CTRL+F  at the same time.   This will open a box to find your number.

  • Enter your Gold Rush number and click "Find Next" until your correct number is shown. 

  • Your $2 payments are shown from left to right across the row for each week you pre-paid. Compare to the date at the top of the column.

Please note: this is not a live sheet. Your payment will not appear right away. The database is updated every Friday at a minimum for the current week's payments.  Check the time and date stamp below to see when it has last been updated. If you have any questions you can

e-mail goldrush@nbex.ca.

Click the button below to view the full list of paid Gold Rush Numbers.

Important Notice for Mobile Devices!

  To view the list on your mobile device, you must have the Microsoft Excel App installed to view the list correctly. If you do not have the app installed, some rows/numbers may appear to be missing. The list will not display correctly in a mobile web browser.  

Microsoft Excel

for Android here

Microsoft Excel

for iPhone here

Database last updated 9:55 AM, May 7th ,2021.