NBEX office now closed to the public


“The province of NB has declared a State of Emergency to deal with COVID 19. During this time many of our Gold Rush locations will be unavailable.  Payments can still be made on the NBEX website, or by phoning 458-8819 Wednesday and Thursday, or in the Gold Rush box at the Shurgain store, some Circle K and Scholten gas bar locations. For an up to date list of which locations are still open for toonie drop box payments visit our website https://www.nbex.ca/ticket-locations If you are unable to pay for any reason during this time, your Gold Rush number can be temporarily inactive for the period of the State of Emergency, and held for you to continue play afterwards. Simply email goldrush@nbex.ca with Gold Rush number, name and phone number or call 458-8819 to arrange for your number to be temporarily in active.”       


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The Capital Exhibit Centre is located close to downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada.

We have many events, of all types, throughout the year and have been part of the local community

since 1827. We are home to many locally organized agriculture events, functions, concerts and trade shows. Below are our major events that take place here every year.

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FREX-ROD offers enthusiasts in the Capital region a much needed “fix” of automotive excitement .

Next event will now be in the Fall TBD

Ribfest is a festival type event with a small admission to the public.

Proudly supporting the Childrens

Wish Foundation.

Next event  June 11-14 : 2020

The Fredericton Exhibition ( NBEX ) has been taking place is Fredericton since 1827. It is the longest running and largest exhibition in the Atlantic Provinces. 

Next event September 7-13 : 2020

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Our Mission Statement

“The object of agriculture society #34 is to encourage improvement in agriculture and enhanced quality of life for persons living in the community by developing educational programs, events, services and facilities”

The vision of the exhibition is to accomplish the objective in producing the provincial exhibition, other exhibits, programing, and fundraising activities.